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Ammonium Hydroxide (Ammonia 19%)

Technical Data Sheet

Product         : Ammonium Hydroxide (Ammonia 19%)

Formula        : NH4OH

CAS NO           : 1336-21-6

Physical & Chemical Characteristics:

  1. Appearance : Clear liquid
  2. Assay as NH4                                     : 19 %
  3. Solubility in Water : Completely Miscible
  4. Specific Gravity @20°C : 0.89 – 0.9 gm/cm3
  5. Iron as Fe : 0.2 PPM Max.


Major Applications

  • It is used extensively in several industries either as a stabilizer, neutralizer or as a source of nitrogen to carry out several functions.
  • In pollution control of DeNox, as well as in wastewater treatment, leather, rubber, paper, food and beverage industries.
  • In cold storage or refrigeration systems and in the production of pharmaceuticals which includes antimicrobial agent or an antiseptic.
  • In the printing as well as cosmetics industries.
  • As a main ingredients in lot of household cleaning products to remove stains or clean mirrors, tubs, sinks, windows and more.
  • In petroleum industry used for counterbalancing the acid constituents of oil which is in crude form, and it also helps to keep equipment free from corrosion.
  • In mining industry for extraction of several metals.



ISO Tankers,

1000 Lit IBC, 2220 Lit HDPE Drums and 30 Lit HDPE Cans.


  • Store in ventilated cool area.
  • Keep containers closed when not use,.
  • Shelf life: 6 Months.