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Fertilizer grade sulphur bentonite pastilles of 2 – 4 MM size are produced from pure molten sulphur. The swelling bentonite ruptures the sulphur into small particles enabling the efficient uptake of the sulphur by the growing plants. It is of even size pastilles of Tan cooper color. The free flowing and dust free characteristics make our product ideal for blending with other fertilizers for the widest range of crops

Our Sulphur Bentonite Pastilles plant technology is based on Steel Belt Cooling Pastillation Process by M/S SANDVIK. It consists of three principal steps:

  1. Accurate ratio of mixing molten sulphur with specially selected bentonite of fertilizer grade.
  2. Pastillation & Solidification system for making the pastilles.
  3. De-dusting, size segregation and packing system..

It is used in agriculture which increase crops nitrogen utilization, phosphate and micronutrient uptake. It also used as soil enhancer by reducing the pH of the soil.