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Product description

Melamine Formaldehyde resin are basically amino resins which are thermosetting polymers produced by the condensation reaction of an Aldehyde and a compound containing the Amino (-NH2) Group. MF resin exhibit superior surface hardness and are more resistant to breakdown under high temperature and moisture. The liquid MF Resin is clear colourless viscous liquid, and powder MF Resin is of White free flowing powder. 

Our MF resin plant technology is of chemical synthesis process by M/S ANSHULA TECHNLOGICAL ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS. It consists of condensation reaction of Formaldehyde with the amino groups of Melamine.

MF resin is used in Impregnation of base / decorative papers and overlay in  the manufacture of High pressure (HPL / CPL) decorative laminates, Low pressure Melamine surfaced wood boards / Panel. Powder MF resin is used for glazing of amino molded articles and melamine based crockery.


Product Application

Different grades of MF resin is produced according to the specific end use application by melamine and formaldehyde ratio as per customer requirements.

Major Applications

  • Glazing of amino molded articles & Melamine based crockery.
  • Paper Impregnation & Lamination.


  • 25Kg Vacuum Sealed Multiply Paper Bag with inner liner Polyethylene.


  • Store in its original bags in a cool place protected from heat. 
  • Care should be taken that powder does not absorb moisture and water. 
  • Storage life at 25°C: 6 months. 


Odor:                  White free flowing powder

Viscosity          25 – 45 CP

pH                       7.4 – 8.4